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Frequent Application of Litter Amendments in Broiler Houses During Grow-out on Bird Health, Production and Environment
A series of experiments at the University of Delaware show that frequent application of sodium bisulphate improved broiler production performance and foot...
Effect of Coarsely Ground Corn on Broiler Live Performance, GI Tract, Digestibility and Digesta Particle Size
Diets that contained 25 and 50 per cent coarsely ground corn improved broiler bodyweight, feed conversion ratio and digestibility of energy and protein,...
Effect of Ventilation on Distribution, Concentration and Emission of Air Pollutants in a Manure-belt Layer House
A new study from China indicates that it is difficult to control both poultry house environment and pollutant concentrations using only ventilation....
Effect of Maternal Vitamin D Source on Broiler Hatching Egg Quality, Hatchability and Progeny
A reduction in embryonic mortality was observed in a field trial in Canada when broiler breeders received additional 25-hydroxy vitamin D in the drinking...
GB Emerging Threats Report: Avian Diseases: July-September (Q3) 2014
Among the new and emerging diseases reported are blackhead (histomonosis) in chickens and turkeys, an unusual form of blackhead in partridges, suspected...
Intestinal Events and Nutritional Dynamics Predispose Clostridium Perfringens Virulence in Broilers
The changes occurring in the chicken gut that can lead to a build-up of the pathogen causing necrotic enteritis are outlined by an Auburn University professor,...





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