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Chinese Herbs as Alternatives to Antibiotics in Feed for Swine and Poultry Production
Potential of Chinese herbs and challenges in their application are explored in this review from a Sino-Canadian research group....
GB Emerging Threats Report: Avian Diseases: January-March (Q1) 2014
Among the highlights included in this quarterly report are ongoing issues with reovirus-associated tenosynovitis in broilers and Marek’s disease in turkeys....
Effect of Arginine Supplementation of Broiler Breeder Hens on Progeny Performance
This Brazilian work reveals that supplementation of the broiler breeder diet with the amino acid, arginine, had little effect on the progeny but there...
Anticoccidial-sensitivity Testing Shows Consistency, Efficacy of Lasalocid
Recent testing of the most widely used in-feed anticoccidials show they all produce variable results with different Eimeria isolates, but the divalent...
Keeping the Hatchery Free of Aspergillus
Advice on the prevention and treatment of Aspergillus mould in the hatchery from Marleen Boerjan of Pas Reform....
What Could Cause Feathers to Fall out of Chickens?
There are several possible causes for feather loss, explains the US National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. ...





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