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Chick Checking and Incubation Improvement Part 2: Analysis of Navels
Analysing chick quality is a key factor for the fine tuning of incubation conditions in order to maximise the genetic potential of the hatching eggs. This...
Biology of Coccidiosis-Causing Eimeria: an Example of Perfect Complexity
The Eimeria biological cycle is a very complex one and is comprised of intracellular, extracellular, asexual and sexual stages. ...
Global Patterns of Marek’s Disease Spread and Vaccination
Marek's disease is an important affliction of poultry flocks worldwide, and can cause mortality rates of up to 100 per cent. A speaker at Merial's Global...
Why Brexit May Mean More Superbugs Threaten UK Poultry Industry
Poultry industry consultant Jeremy C. Hall spent over 16 years as the technical director at Bernard Matthews. Here he reviews the challenges that now face...
Fowl Pox in Layers: An Overview
Fowl pox is a common and economically important disease of layers, causing drops in egg production and increased mortality....
Interview: Why is Eimeria Prevention Important in Your Flock?
Eimeria is a genus of parasites that infect chickens and cause coccidiosis, an extremely important disease affecting profitability for poultry producers....





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