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Safety concerns regarding coccidiosis vaccines. Comparison of attenuated and non-attenuated vaccines
Eimeria vaccines for poultry are mainly composed of live oocysts. Concerns about the safety of coccidiosis vaccines have been raised by field users. The...
The global view on bird flu
Enforcing biosecurity has become the chief weapon in the worldwide fight against bird flu, writes Chris McCullough...
EyeSucceed: wearable technology and augmented reality
NSF International, EyeSucceed and Glass explore the opportunities that the latest wearable technology can offer to on-farm and processing plant auditing....
Poultry expertise at IDEXX
"In a rapidly evolving poultry production environment with fewer treatment options, disease prevention and identification are more important than ever....
Avian pneumovirus, current status and control programmes used
Since it was identified by Buys & Du Preez in 1978 as the causal agent of turkey rhinotracheitis, avian pneumovirus or avian metapneumovirus (aMPV) has...
Is your biosecurity as good as you think it is?
Chances are that the biosecurity compliance level on your farm, or the farms in your area, is not up to scratch, no matter where you are located on the...





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