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GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Oceania’s Growth Linked to Australia
Poultry meat consumption rises in Oceania are beating the world average, reports industry analyst Terry Evans....
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - A Quarter of the Population Will Live in Africa
The continent of Africa recorded substantial growth in poultry production since 2000, with South Africa one of the most important players in the region,...
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Developing Countries Main Drivers in Chicken Consumption
Global poultry meat consumption is rising, and so is consumption in the Americas, with white breast meat preferred by the higher-income consumers, writes...
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Chicken Trade Growth Slows
While the trade in chicken meat continues to grow, the rate of increase is slowing, writes poultry industry analyst Terry Evans....
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Chicken Meat Output to Exceed 100 Million Tonnes
The Americas is the largest chicken meat producing region in the world, but the industry there has grown more slowly than in other regions in recent years,...
Chickens for Christmas: Ghana's Unique Poultry Market
Francis de Heer describes the development of the poultry meat industry in Ghana, and the challenges the industry must overcome in future....





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