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GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Strong Growth in Egg Output Recorded in Africa and Oceania
Egg production in African countries has been increasing faster than the global rate, with Nigeria leading the league table of egg producers, reports industry...
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Individuals Eat Less Turkey
Few countries actually attempt to measure poultry consumption. In most instances the figures are not measures of the actual quantities consumed, but are...
Managing Fly Infestations in Poultry and Pig Production
Did you know that fly infestations in pig and poultry buildings could be costing livestock farmers 10 per cent in lost growth rates and egg production?...
Economic Implications of the 2014-2015 Bird Flu
As the infection rate of avian influenza in the US slows, the economic implications could be only just beginning, write John Newton and Todd Kuethe from...
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Turkey Trade Tops Million Tonnes
International trade in turkey meat amounts to around 1.1 million tonnes a year, or about six per cent of the total trade in poultry meat, writes industry...
Bird Flu Rocking Heart of US Turkey Production Region
The US poultry sector and in particular the turkey sector has been rocked by incidents of avian influenza since the turn of the year....





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