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Improving Rapid Detection Methods for Foodborne Pathogens
Researchers at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have developed a microfluidic device that exploits cell movement to separate live and dead bacteria...
How Will New Inspection Rules Affect US Poultry Plants?
Controversial new rules from the USDA to change the system of poultry meat inspection in the US came into effect on 20 October 2014....
Using Robots to Get More Food from Raw Materials
Can an industrial robot succeed both at removing the breast fillet from a chicken, and at the same time get more out of the raw materials? This is one...
Trimming and Washing Poultry Carcasses to Reduce Microbial Contamination
Washing chicken carcasses with water containing a low level of chlorine was effective in reducing counts of aerobic bacteria, total coliforms and E.coli,...
Effect of High-dose Irradiation on Quality Characteristics of Ready-to-eat Broiler Breast Fillets
High-dose irradiation of chicken breast fillets followed by storage at room temperature shows potential for the safe preservation of ready-to-eat products,...
Urbanisation Drives Asian Egg Demand
The growth of the middle classes and urbanisation of the population in Asia is radically changing the economy in Asian countries as well as the egg industries,...





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