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How Sustainable is American Poultry Farming?
As global demand for protein puts increasing pressure on resources worldwide, broilers are emerging as a sector where sustainable mass-production is possible,...
Red Mite: An Underestimated Problem in Poultry Production
Are poultry red mites as indestructible as they seem? We asked the experts for some advice on how to control these elusive bloodsuckers, writes Melanie...
Breeding Resistant Chickens for Improved Food Safety
A recent test developed by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in College Station, Texas, could make it easier to breed pathogen-resistant chickens....
Comparison of breeder/layer coccidiosis vaccines: Part 1 -precocity and pathogenicity
Only the Paracox R 8 vaccine demonstrated oocyst output for all species at 96h in the trial. ...
Supporting Sustainable Animal Production with Feed Enzymes
Simply stated, a growing human population means an increasing demand for food, and animal protein will make up a large part of meeting this increasing...
A Healthy Gut Can Achieve Optimal Bird Performance
GLOBAL - The new challenge to poultry producers is to improve production despite rising feed costs, as well as address increased opposition of the use...





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