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Effects of Feeding Different Postbiotic Metabolite Combinations on Egg Quality and Production Performance of Laying Hens
Post-biotic metabolite combinations can be used in the feed to increase productivity from hens without raising the risk of antibiotic resistance, according...
Layers 2013 Part 1: Reference of Health and Management Practices on Table-Egg Farms in the United States, 2013
An overview of egg flock management in the US, based on a detailed survey of 328 farms with at least 3,000 birds across 19 states by the USDA Animal and...
Global Egg Industry Explores How to Work with Supermarkets
Professor David Hughes, Johann Morwald and Danielle Cagan were amongst the speakers at the recent IEC Business Conference Vienna 2014. They shared valuable...
European Poultry Conference Explores Challenging Welfare Issues
Welfare issues of modern broilers and laying hens were among the topics discussed at the recent European Poultry Conference, reports Dawn Scholey of Nottingham...
One Producer's Journey to Next Generation of Layer Housing
A Canadian egg producer explains the challenges and rewards of building a furnished cage system for his organisation's hens....
Farm Risk Factors for Salmonella Contamination of Eggs
An Iowa State University study indicates that adherence to a Salmonella vaccination programme and the elimination of infected rodents are the most effective...





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