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New Poultry Enterprise Helps Sustain Rural Families in Brazil
Brazilian farms can be made more sustainable by integrating poultry and beef cattle production, explains Murilo Quintiliano of Food Animal Initiative (FAI)...
Environmental Footprint of Poultry Meat and Eggs
Converting to all-organic production systems would result in a 40 per cent increase in global warming potential for egg production, according to Professor...
Backyard Chickens in the United States: Survey of Flock Owners
A survey of almost 1,500 owners of backyard poultry flocks in the US reveals information that may contribute to maintaining good biosecurity and improving...
Killing of Spent Laying Hens Using Carbon Dioxide in Poultry Barns
Examining records from Swedish farms over a three-year period, researchers in Sweden found that overall, whole-house killing of spent hens using carbon...
Welfare Quality Parameters Do Not Always Reflect Hen Behaviour
Research at Michigan State University reveals that although the average response of a laying flock may appear consistent across time or treatment, there...
Urbanisation Drives Asian Egg Demand
The growth of the middle classes and urbanisation of the population in Asia is radically changing the economy in Asian countries as well as the egg industries,...





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