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Role of Relative Humidity and Environmental Management in Live Eimeria Vaccination of Replacement Layer Pullets
A low level of relative humidity in the poultry house resulted in the failure of coccidiosis vaccination in this work at the University of Guelph in Canada....
Introducing EuPoul: Smart Solution to Mass Euthanasia of Poultry
An egg farmer from New South Wales has developed a better way to euthanise his spent hens. This is his interview with Byron Stein, editor of The Drumstick...
Amino Acid Supplemented Diets Varying in Protein Levels for Laying Hens
A new study from China examines the responses of laying hens to lower-protein diets with supplements of individual essential amino acids. Diets lower in...
Updating the Nutrient Requirements of Poultry
Two US poultry scientists explore the need for an update to the widely used publication, 'Nutrient Requirements of Poultry'. ...
Trust, Biosecurity Underpin 30-Year-Old Thai Egg Business
Visitors to the C&C Eggland Company located in Korjan in the Chonburi province of Thailand, cannot fail to be impressed by the level of biosecurity that...
Predictors of Death and Reduced Performance in Layer Chickens in Tropical Savannah Environment
Elevated mortality in layer chickens may be due to a hot and dry climate as well as disease, according to new research from Nigeria. Birds aged 19 to 38...





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