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Effects of Dietary Gossypol Concentration on Growth and Health of Meat Ducks
Gossypol is an anti-nutritive factor found in cottonseed meal. A Chinese experiment suggests that total gossypol in the diet of meat ducks up to three...
Dietary Threonine Requirement of Pekin Ducks from 15 to 35 Days of Age
Depending on the method used, the threonine requirement of young male ducks was estimated in this work at Purdue University to range from a low of 0.62...
Benefit of Swimming Access to Behaviour, Body and Plumage Condition and Heat Stress Effect of Local Ducks
This study from Indonesia indicates that access to water for swimming improves the conditions for ducks but there was no advantage in terms of egg production...
Geese for Sustainable Weed Control
The US National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA) explains how to use geese as a sustainable weed control method in an asparagus field...
Apoptosis Induction in Duck Tissues during Duck Hepatitis A Virus Type 1 Infection
Researchers in China have found that the multiplication of the virus is exacerbated by changes in the destruction of the duck tissues....
Floor Laying Reduces Production Efficiency in Ducks
Researchers in Australia are seeking ways to improves egg production by ducks by encouraging them to use nest boxes....





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