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Effect of Dietary Energy and Protein Content on Growth and Carcass Traits of Pekin Ducks
Two experiments by researchers in the US and China examined the effects and interactions of dietary energy and crude protein on the growth and carcass...
Effects of Transport Stress and Rest Before Slaughter on Blood Parameters and Meat Quality of Ducks
Transportation for two hours resulted in measurable stress in 42-day-old Pekin ducks in this Chinese study but these effects were mitigated by a two-hour...
Choline Requirements of White Pekin Ducks from Hatch to 21 Days of Age
Researchers in China have established the requirements of young Pekin ducks for the vitamin, choline, for both optimum performance and health....
GB Emerging Threats Report: Avian Diseases: July-September (Q3) 2014
Among the new and emerging diseases reported are blackhead (histomonosis) in chickens and turkeys, an unusual form of blackhead in partridges, suspected...
Management Requirements for Waterfowl
Advice from Phillip J. Clauer, Poultry Extension Specialist in the Animal and Poultry Sciences group with Virginia Cooperative Extension, on the care of...
Management Programme for Raising Breeder Duck Flocks
Advice on keeping and feeding breeding ducks from Gary S. Davis and Ken E. Anderson, Extension Poultry Specialists with North Carolina State University....





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