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Production, Quality Parameters and Nutritional Comparison of Ostrich Meat to Other Types of Meats
Ostrich meat is now considered as a red meat that is a healthy alternative to beef and poultry meats, according to researchers in Kuwait....
Estonian Poultry Society and Poultry Breeding
By Dr Matti Piirsalu, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture of Estonia and the Estonian Poultry Society ...
Composition of Egg Yolk Absorbed by Fasted Ostrich Chicks from 1 to 7 Days Post-hatching and for Ostrich Chicks from 1 to 16 days Post-hatching on a Pre-starter Broiler Diet
Results of work in South Africa indicate that the decrease in yolk weight in ostrich chicks over the first seven days after hatching could be attributed...
Artificial Incubation
An introduction to incubation times and optimal conditions in a number of avian species by Joe G. Berry, Extension Poultry Specialist at Oklahoma State...
Ratites (Emu, Ostrich and Rhea)
The USDA's Food Safety Information Service (FSIS) offers general advice on the production and marketing of these birds. Its report was updated in April...
Raising Emus and Ostriches
Published by USDA Alternative Farming Systems Information Center in August 1997....





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