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Social Environment Matters for Duck Penis Size
Most birds lack genitalia, but male ducks are known for their long, spiraling penises, which have evolved through an ongoing cat-and-mouse game with females....
How to Make Backyard Farming Bullet-proof
More than 90 per cent of the chicks produced in backyard farming systems are lost. How can farmers reduce the MIA count? By Glenneis Kriel....
Best Practice in the Breeder House: Transfer (Rear and Move)
Where rear and move facilities exist birds are transferred out of the rearing facilities and moved to the laying facilities before lay commences. This...
Turkey Breeder Health: New Challenges and Demands
While disease management remains a direct challenge to the turkey breeder industry, indirect challenges such as the hiring of a competent workforce and...
Best Practice in the Breeder House: Preventing Floor Eggs
Eggs laid on the floor (floor eggs) have a significantly higher risk of contamination and will reduce hatch and chick quality....
Incubation Temperature Profiles Affect Broiler Feathering
This North Carolina State University study - looking at the effects of incubation temperature, breeder feeding programme and litter management on feather...





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