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Chick Quality Hatchery Impact on Performance
This presentation explains that today’s hatcheries must not look at hatch only. Although, companies seem to make hatch a priority, we all must remember...
Avian Influenza: Biosecurity, Depopulation and Hygienic Procedures
In Germany laboratory testing for avian influenza is obligatory for defined, suspicious cases involving rising mortality or sudden decreases of food and...
Prime-Boost Vaccination in Egypt: Field Experiences
The third order clade 2.2.1 of H5N1 lineage of HPAIV currently circulating in Egypt has been subdivided into the fourth subgroup (group B variant...
Avian Influenza Surveillance and Diagnosis
Rapid detection and accurate identification of low (LPAI) and high pathogenicity avian influenza (HPAI) is critical to controlling infections and disease...
Field Experience with Vaccination in Turkeys in Morocco
At the beginning of 2016, Morocco faced its first influenza outbreaks in commercial poultry farms caused by avian influenza virus (AIV) H9N2....
Experience with Gallimune 208 in Middle East
The influenza virus type A H9N2 is a low pathogenic strain of avian influenza which has been isolated in different Middle East countries since 1995....





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