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Odour, Dust and Non-methane Volatile Organic-Compound Emissions from Tunnel-ventilated Layer Chicken Sheds
This Australian study on two egg farms shows that odour emission rates vary with the amount of manure accumulation on the manure belts as well as diurnal...
Coexisting with Neighbours: A Poultry Farmer’s Guide
Treating neighbours with concern and respect will help ensure continuation of appropriate, responsible farming practices in the future, according to Dr...
Composting Layer Hens – Does It Smell?
Eugene McGahan from FSA Consulting recently completed a project, titled 'Odour Measurement and Impact from Spent Hen Composting', funded by the Poultry...
Biofilters for Odour and Air Pollution Mitigation
A review of biofilter use and the main design and performance factors by Kevin A. Janni (University of Minnesota), Richard K. Nicolai (South Dakota State...
Composting Poultry Mortalities
Advice on improving composting on farm by Mark Risse, John Worley and Frank Henning of Cooperative Extension at the University of Georgia, College of Agricultural...
Influence of Increasing Slaughter Age of Chickens on Meat Quality, Welfare and Technical and Economic Results
Based on measures of sustainability and after examining various growing periods of between 35 and 63 days, researchers in France recommend slaughtering...





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