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Category: Poultry Welfare



Bone Characteristics and Femoral Strength in Commercial Tom Turkeys
Reducing the energy and protein levels in the diet of male turkeys to 60 per cent of NRC recommendations improved both the strength and quality of the...
Incidence of Gastrocnemius Tendon Rupture in Broilers
More tendon ruptures were observed in broilers reared during cooler months in this US trial, which the researchers attributed to the use of a growth promoter...
Effects of Light Stimulation During Incubation on Behaviour, Melatonin Levels and Productivity of Broilers
Results from the University of California-Davis indicate that 12 hours of light provided during incubation can have long-lasting effects on chick behaviour...
Determination of Space Use by Laying Hens
Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have assessed the amount of space a hen needs to carry out basic behaviour, including standing up,...
Wet Litter Not Only Induces Footpad Dermatitis But Also Reduces Welfare, Performance and Carcass Yield in Broilers
A Dutch study has shown that broilers kept on wet litter not only had more footpad dermatitis but they also had poorer performance and defects that caused...
Utilisation of Light Egg-type Males: Proposal for the Sustainability of the Egg Industry
Researchers in Brazil have successfully reared male chicks of brown and white Leghorn layer lines, testing four levels of dietary energy for each line....





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