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Bacterial Chondronecrosis with Osteomyelitis in Broilers: Influence of Sire and Sex-separate Rearing
Two experiments at the University of Arkansas reveal a significant effect of sire line on the incidence of the leg condition, bacterial chondronecrosis...
Benefit of Swimming Access to Behaviour, Body and Plumage Condition and Heat Stress Effect of Local Ducks
This study from Indonesia indicates that access to water for swimming improves the conditions for ducks but there was no advantage in terms of egg production...
European Poultry Conference Explores Challenging Welfare Issues
Welfare issues of modern broilers and laying hens were among the topics discussed at the recent European Poultry Conference, reports Dawn Scholey of Nottingham...
Lameness Better Predicts Broiler Performance in Mobility Tests Than Other Bird Characteristics
According to Bristol University researchers, reduced mobility in broilers is closely linked to lameness (as assessed by gait score) and not to other bird...
Effect of Arginine Supplementation of Broiler Breeder Hens on Progeny Performance
This Brazilian work reveals that supplementation of the broiler breeder diet with the amino acid, arginine, had little effect on the progeny but there...
Effect of Range Enrichment on Performance, Behaviour and Forage Intake of Free-range Chickens
Although there was no difference in bird performance, range enrichment in the form of olive trees was found to be beneficial for poultry in this experiment...





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