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Aviagen's logistics/export manager on what it takes to get chickens to the other side of the world
Every day, Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross chicks begin an intricate journey from one of the many Aviagen supply bases to customers around the world...
The Poultry Farmer-Processor Relationship: A Relationship Built Upon Trust and Communication
This article will address how to enhance the relationship between the Poultry farmer and the processor to whom he supplies the chickens grown on his farm....
Poultry Welfare during Transport
Poultry are exposed to a number of stress factors during transport, but problems with temperature stress could be the main threat....
Effects of Transport Stress and Rest Before Slaughter on Blood Parameters and Meat Quality of Ducks
Transportation for two hours resulted in measurable stress in 42-day-old Pekin ducks in this Chinese study but these effects were mitigated by a two-hour...
Social and Environmental Factors Affect Behaviour and Welfare of Turkeys
Studies have demonstrated that turkeys may show large behavioural adjustments in response to sub-optimal environmental conditions, according to a new review...
Assessing Protocols to Sanitise Hands of Poultry Catching Crew Members
Comparing different hand sanitisation methods, Canadian research reveals that reducing the level of bacterial contamination on hands before using an alcohol-based...





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