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Social and Environmental Factors Affect Behaviour and Welfare of Turkeys
Studies have demonstrated that turkeys may show large behavioural adjustments in response to sub-optimal environmental conditions, according to a new review...
Assessing Protocols to Sanitise Hands of Poultry Catching Crew Members
Comparing different hand sanitisation methods, Canadian research reveals that reducing the level of bacterial contamination on hands before using an alcohol-based...
With Hot Air Treatment, Bacteria Fly the Coop
Poultry processors could use a forced hot-air treatment to dry cages (also known as crates) between transporting flocks, lessening the number of Campylobacter...
Broiler Trailer Thermal Conditions during Cold Climate Transport
During cold winter conditions, Saskatoon researchers found moisture removal and the re-distribution of heat were key to providing the most comfortable...
Investigation of Prevalence and Risk Factors for Campylobacter in Broiler Flocks at Slaughter
Based on the results of a survey, factors that affect the likelihood of Campylobacter colonisation of broilers include partial depopulation of the flock...
Improving Transport Performance
Hatched chick transport conditions can significantly subsequent health and performance and so should not be neglected, says Gerd de Lange of Pas Reform....





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