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Inside IPPE 2019
"Poultry Digital Magazine" selects ten of the top events at the year’s biggest poultry event, hosted in Atlanta, Georgia by the US Poultry & Egg Association...
Inside IPPE 2018
Navigate the poultry industry's biggest annual event with Poultry Digital's pick of the best events and opportunities at the famous Atlanta fair...
Politics session divides predictions for farming futures post-Brexit
Secretary of state for Defra, the Right Honourable Michael Gove, makes promises for a greener, technology-inspired, welfare-friendly future for British...
Egg Refrigeration Effective in Reducing Salmonella Growth, Despite Sweating
Salmonella prevalence in eggs is a major concern to the egg industry. The results of new research on the subject were presented at the International Poultry...
New Documentary Celebrates the World of Poultry Showing
‘Chicken People’ is a funny, tender documentary exploring the weird and wonderful world of poultry shows and the people who breed for them, writes...
How Do Drying Techniques Affect Dried Egg Quality?
Egg processing continues to grow around the world, with an increased demand for dried egg products for industrial as well as consumer uses. The results...





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