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News from 20 September 2017



Is it All Over for Quail Farming in Zimbabwe?
Until recently, quail farming in Zimbabwe was booming as lucrative alternative for small-scale producers – and then it all suddenly went wrong. Ian Nkala...
Non-coated, Intrinsically Heat Stable Enzymes: Needs, Challenges & Opportunities
GLOBAL - The upward trend in commercial animal feed conditioning temperatures aimed at improving pellet quality, as well as enhancing feed hygiene, continually...
How to Get Into Partridge Production
Premium markets are available for partridges, and this article from Penn State University outlines the steps you need to take to get into partridge production,...
Effects of Housing System on the Costs of Commercial Egg Production
Recent research at the University of California-Davis shows that, compared to conventional battery cages, a dozen eggs cost 13 per cent more to produce...
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Egg Consumption Continues to Grow in Americas
Egg consumption per person in the Americas continues to grow and to remain well ahead of the global average, observes industry analyst, Terry Evans....
Broiler Chicken Welfare Assessment in GLOBALGAP-certified and Non-certified Farms in Brazil
Broiler producers in Brazil are achieving good standards of welfare for their birds, regardless of whether they participate in an international certification...





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