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Minimise condemnations: Protect profits through supplementation of HMTBa
Recent data has shown broilers supplemented with HMTBa (2-hydroxy 4-(methylthio) butanoic acid) as a methionine source exhibited fewer condemnations and...
Protease: A promising tool to alleviate losses due to necrotic enteritis
Necrotic enteritis has been estimated to affect up to 40 percent of commercial broiler flocks and is believed to cost the industry roughly 5 cents per...
Halting in ovo vaccination not a good option for managing hatchery bacteria
Higher 7-day mortality from bacterial infections in the hatchery is no reason to stop in ovo vaccination for Marek’s and other diseases, according to...
The Sustainable Development Goals: Can livestock deliver?
As the world faces ever more pressing social and environmental challenges, livestock production has come under the spotlight...
Why trace mineral supplements are pivotal for breeder efficiency
Genetic selection has dramatically increased the performance of broiler and layer breeders, which also increased the overall demand for supplemental nutrients...
Herbs and spices: a sustainable alternative to antibiotics?
The ban of antibiotic use in most European countries, the threat of emerging pathogens and an ever-increasing demand for poultry products all put pressure...





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