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The Poultry Farmer-Processor Relationship: A Relationship Built Upon Trust and Communication
This article will address how to enhance the relationship between the Poultry farmer and the processor to whom he supplies the chickens grown on his farm....
Broiler Chicken Welfare Assessment in GLOBALGAP-certified and Non-certified Farms in Brazil
Broiler producers in Brazil are achieving good standards of welfare for their birds, regardless of whether they participate in an international certification...
Low-Cost Sensors Enable New Possibilities for Advanced Systems in Poultry Management and Processing
Advances in consumer technology have allowed researchers to explore a new range of possibilities for low-cost advanced sensor systems for poultry processing...
Enhancing Safety at Every Step in Food Supply Chain
Few would dispute that the emergence of chilled and frozen food technologies in the last century was a major advance for modern society, transforming all...
Laying Hen Husbandry in Germany
With the judicial authorities currently investigating farm operators suspected of violating regulations on egg production, the German Federal Ministry...
AVEC Annual Report 2012: Marketing Standards - Labelling of Poultrymeat
UN-ECE Standards, food information to consumers (including country-of-origin labelling) and the proposal for eco-labels on foods are among the topics on...





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