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Effects of DDGS and Mineral Sources on Gaseous Emissions
A new US study reveals that feeding a diet containing 20 per cent Distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) to hens may be beneficial for the environment...
Utilisation of Light Egg-type Males: Proposal for the Sustainability of the Egg Industry
Researchers in Brazil have successfully reared male chicks of brown and white Leghorn layer lines, testing four levels of dietary energy for each line....
Poultry Processing: Measuring True Water Use
Brian Kiepper (Poultry Science and Biological & Agricultural Engineering Departments, and Engineering Outreach Service, University of Georgia) explains...
Energy Balance Analysis of a Poultry Processing Plant
A detailed study of the power use at a poultry processing plant by researchers at the University of Arkansas identified a number of areas where cost-savings...
Split Feeding System for More Sustainable Egg Production
The Split Feeding System delivers the optimal supply of nutrients in order to meet the specific needs of the hen during the egg formation process by supplying...
Comparison of the Environmental Footprint of the US Egg Industry in 1960 and 2010
Using Life Cycle Assessment, researchers have found that the environmental footprint of US egg production in 2010 is 65 per cent lower in acidifying emissions,...





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