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Treating Litter Between Batches of Broilers
An overview of research from Australia on the re-use of broiler litter, looking at heaping to kill potential pathogens and how to control ammonia levels...
Geese for Sustainable Weed Control
The US National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA) explains how to use geese as a sustainable weed control method in an asparagus field...
Food Loss: Questions About the Amount and Causes Remain
Two-thirds of the 133 billion pounds (5.9 million tonnes) of food loss in the US in 2010 occurred in homes, restaurants and other place outside the home,...
Waste to Energy: Potential of Biodigestion
Poultry CRC in Australia has investigated the potential to mitigate waste streams from poultry hatcheries and processing facilities - and recover energy...
Poultry Litter Ash Can Replace Dicalcium Phosphate in Broiler Diets
Poultry litter ash - produced by the burning of poultry litter - can be used as a phosphorus source in broiler diets, according to new research from Auburn...
Confined Livestock Operations Account for Majority of Chesapeake Bay Area’s Farmland with Applied Manure
An analysis of livestock production in the Chesapeake Bay area by Stacy Sneeringer of the USDA Economic Research Service suggests that policies addressing...





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