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Oxford Real Farming Conference 2015 Offered Alternative Solutions
Now in its sixth year, the Oxford Real Farming Conference has become a fixture of the UK's agricultural calendar, reports Sarah Hulbert....
How to Feed Nine Billion People Sustainably
Becoming self-sufficient in food production – what better way is there for countries to sustainably feed their growing populations? But, scratch the...
Future of Poultry Nutrition: How to Feed Chickens More Sustainably
Finding solutions to the challenge of producing poultry more sustainably was the theme of a recent conference in the UK. The meeting explored all aspects...
New Poultry Enterprise Helps Sustain Rural Families in Brazil
Brazilian farms can be made more sustainable by integrating poultry and beef cattle production, explains Murilo Quintiliano of Food Animal Initiative (FAI)...
Reducing the Environmental Impact of Turkey Production
Nearly three years in development, the UK’s University of Newcastle and Cranfield University and industry partners have introduced a new tool firstly...
Environmental Footprint of Poultry Meat and Eggs
Converting to all-organic production systems would result in a 40 per cent increase in global warming potential for egg production, according to Professor...





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