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Six innovative companies shaping the poultry industry
The poultry industry, like many other fields, is seeing its share of technological innovations due, in part, to small startups focused on a specific problem...
The importance of lighting in poultry production
When managing a healthy, productive flock, getting the lighting conditions right could be more important than you think. Melanie Epp checks in with the...
Effects of LED Lights on Japanese Quail Reproduction
Research undertaken at the Federal University of Grande Dourados and the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil, aimed to evaluate the development of...
LED Bulbs: Much to Offer the Poultry Industry
The light emitting diode (LED) bulb is an energy saving alternative to other light sources commonly used in poultry production. In this article from Mississippi...
Effects of Light Colour on Poultry Health and Welfare
Three articles published in this month's issue of Poultry Science focussed on the effects of different colours and types of light in poultry production....
Researchers Evaluate New Lighting Technologies for Broiler Houses
A newly completed study at the University of Georgia examined the practical use of LED bulbs in commercial broiler houses, comparing them to compact fluorescent...





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