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Interview: Matthew Macdonald, Founder, New Macdonalds Farm
Matthew Macdonald and his wife, Lou – along with their three young sons – set up New Macdonalds Farm on 15 acres in Box, Wiltshire in 2009. Having...
Interview: Murilo Quintiliano, FAI do Brasil
FAI do Brasil is a farm with a difference; it was created to demonstrate that environmentally and ethically sound agricultural practices can be economically...
Extensive Farming and the Future of Food Production
Farmers worldwide are facing new environmental challenges. According to Dr Juan Villalba, Associate Professor in the Department of Wildland Resources at...
Optimising Water Quality for Organic Bird Production
Water is the last frontier in animal production. Taking water quality seriously could pay dividends with healthier birds, better feed conversions and reduced...
Attitudes and Perceptions of Family Farmers in Brazil on Problems of Raising Broilers
Farmers who raise chickens for meat using alternative systems - either antibiotic-free or on free range - usually rely on corn (maize) and soybean meal...
Risk Factors for Development of Vent Pecking and Cannibalism in Free-range and Organic Laying Hens
A new study from the University of Bristol confirms the link between severe feather pecking and vent pecking or cannibalism and identifies some management...





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