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A fairer prospect for waterfowl: A progress report on three top issues
Ducks and geese are raised for meat and egg production in many countries, and the most significant current welfare issues include the plucking of feathers...
Keel bone damage raises welfare concerns
Two Swiss research projects evaluate how keel bone damage impacts behaviour, productivity and mobility...
Sustainability: The challenge of ranking hen housing systems
To date, decisions to move to cage-free egg production have been largely consumer and activist driven, especially in Europe. But in order to make a well-informed,...
Advanced genetics and genomics tackle constraints on smallholder poultry production
New innovation and technologies will result in vaccines becoming even more efficient and playing a greater role in disease prevention...
Six innovative companies shaping the poultry industry
The poultry industry, like many other fields, is seeing its share of technological innovations due, in part, to small startups focused on a specific problem...
Why does woody breast still have the industry stumped?
Woody breast has been a stumbling block industry-wide for the past ten years, but researchers have been getting closer to the root of the problem, writes...





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