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Future of Poultry Nutrition: How to Feed Chickens More Sustainably
Finding solutions to the challenge of producing poultry more sustainably was the theme of a recent conference in the UK. The meeting explored all aspects...
Copper and Lysine Density Responses in Commercial Broilers
Dietary copper supplementation improved the growth rate of broilers in a recent study from China but there was no evidence of an interaction between copper...
Poultry CRC Broiler Breeder Research in a Commercial Setting
Poultry CRC-supported PhD student, Sarah Weaver, at the University of Adelaide in Austalia in researching the relationship between breeder hen environment...
Reducing Crude Protein Variability and Maximising Savings When Formulating Feeds
University of Georgia research shows how variability can be reduced and cost savings on broiler production can be achieved using two bins for storing corn...
Energy Content and Amino Acid Digestibility Are Affected by Removal of Oil from DDGS
Research at Auburn University shows that low-oil distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) has a much lower energy level and a different digestible...
Effect of Various Sources and Levels of Iodine for Young Laying Hens
Researchers in Poland have been able to increase the iodine level in eggs using iodine supplementation of a diet based on maize and soybean meal but not...





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