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Productive Performance of Brown-egg Laying Pullets as Affected by Fibre Inclusion, Feed Form and Energy Concentration
New research from Spain indicates that feeding moderate amounts of fibre to pullets to five weeks of age improves their performance and that crumbles might...
Nutrition for the Backyard Flock
Advice for the hobby flock owner or smallholder on feeding meat- and egg-type chickens from Larry Vest and Nick Dale of the Department of Poultry Science...
Poultry Health Research Round-up
Recent research with broiler chickens has revealed that coccidiosis can be controlled by probiotics and genetic selection, while dietary organic acids...
Superdosing to Eliminate Dietary Phytate an Opportunity for Performance Gains in Poultry
The use of phytase feed enzymes is increasingly moving beyond the simple release of phosphorus (P), with more complete phytate elimination through superdosing...
Performance, Health and Tissue Weights of Broilers Fed Graded Levels of Hairless Hulled Canary Seed
Yellow and brown hairless canary seeds have merit and are safe for broiler feeding, according to new research from Canada....
Corn Substitution by Low-tannin Sorghum Grain for Broiler Production
Low-tannin sorghum could be used as an alternative for corn (maize) in broiler diets, according to a new study from Senegal. The climate of the Sahel region...





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