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China's Food Self-sufficiency Policy
It is unlikely China will be able to maintain self-sufficiency on all major agrifood commodities, according to Matthew Hyde and Faraz Syed in the latest...
Intestinal Events and Nutritional Dynamics Predispose Clostridium Perfringens Virulence in Broilers
The changes occurring in the chicken gut that can lead to a build-up of the pathogen causing necrotic enteritis are outlined by an Auburn University professor,...
Effects of Cassava Substitute for Maize on Performance and Egg Quality of Laying Hens
Research in Japan reveals that up to 40 per cent of maize could be replaced with cassava meal in layer diets without adversely impacting layer performance...
Effect of Lasalocid or Salinomycin on Performance and Immunity Following Coccidia Vaccination of Broilers
A new study in the US has examined the benefits of giving the ionophores, lasalocid or salinomycin, to in-ovo coccidia-vaccinated chickens. ...
Future of Poultry Nutrition: How to Feed Chickens More Sustainably
Finding solutions to the challenge of producing poultry more sustainably was the theme of a recent conference in the UK. The meeting explored all aspects...
Copper and Lysine Density Responses in Commercial Broilers
Dietary copper supplementation improved the growth rate of broilers in a recent study from China but there was no evidence of an interaction between copper...





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