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Category: Feed and Nutrition



China in the Next Decade: Rising Meat Demand and Growing Imports of Feed
There are signs of robust demand for meat and feed grains in China as the country moves into a new stage of development, according to James Hansen and...
Poultry Litter Ash as a Feed Supplement for Broiler Chickens
Poultry litter ash - formed by the combustion of poultry litter - was found to be a satisfactory alternative calcium and phosphorus source to dicalcium...
Bone Characteristics and Femoral Strength in Commercial Tom Turkeys
Reducing the energy and protein levels in the diet of male turkeys to 60 per cent of NRC recommendations improved both the strength and quality of the...
Incidence of Gastrocnemius Tendon Rupture in Broilers
More tendon ruptures were observed in broilers reared during cooler months in this US trial, which the researchers attributed to the use of a growth promoter...
Arginine and Vitamin E Improve the Immune Response after a Salmonella Challenge in Broiler Chicks
Following a Salmonella Typhimurium challenge in chicks, dietary supplementation with the amino acid, arginine and vitamin E improved immune response although...
Broiler Chicks Benefit from Natural Betaine
Dietary betaine supplementation for layers increased the level of betaine in their eggs and addition to broiler breeder diets increased hatch rate, according...





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