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Corn Substitution by Low-tannin Sorghum Grain for Broiler Production
Low-tannin sorghum could be used as an alternative for corn (maize) in broiler diets, according to a new study from Senegal. The climate of the Sahel region...
Effect of Coarsely Ground Corn on Broiler Live Performance, GI Tract, Digestibility and Digesta Particle Size
Diets that contained 25 and 50 per cent coarsely ground corn improved broiler bodyweight, feed conversion ratio and digestibility of energy and protein,...
Evaluation of Deoiled Distiller's Dried Grains with Solubles for Broilers
Broilers can perform adequately with a diet including low-oil distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS), according to a new study at Auburn University,...
Bobwhite Quail Production 3
Advice on the production of bobwhite quail from Professor Peter A. Skewes of Clemson University and Professor Emeritus Henry R. Wilson of the University...
Choline Requirements of White Pekin Ducks from Hatch to 21 Days of Age
Researchers in China have established the requirements of young Pekin ducks for the vitamin, choline, for both optimum performance and health....
Effect of Maternal Vitamin D Source on Broiler Hatching Egg Quality, Hatchability and Progeny
A reduction in embryonic mortality was observed in a field trial in Canada when broiler breeders received additional 25-hydroxy vitamin D in the drinking...





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