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Category: Feed and Nutrition



Incidence of Gastrocnemius Tendon Rupture in Broilers
More tendon ruptures were observed in broilers reared during cooler months in this US trial, which the researchers attributed to the use of a growth promoter...
Arginine and Vitamin E Improve the Immune Response after a Salmonella Challenge in Broiler Chicks
Following a Salmonella Typhimurium challenge in chicks, dietary supplementation with the amino acid, arginine and vitamin E improved immune response although...
Broiler Chicks Benefit from Natural Betaine
Dietary betaine supplementation for layers increased the level of betaine in their eggs and addition to broiler breeder diets increased hatch rate, according...
Mixture of Carvacrol, Cinnamaldehyde and Capsicum Oleoresin Improves Energy Utilisation and Growth of Broilers
In this UK study, plant extracts appeared to improve energy utilisation for growth in broilers although the Metabolisable Energy content of the diet was...
Energy - Fuel of Life
Gary Hogue (Aviagen Regional Technical Manager, North America) and John Halley (Aviagen Nutritionist) offer advice to flock managers on choosing feed energy...
Researchers Demonstrate Potential Routes of Transmission of Salmonella and Campylobacter in Turkeys
Salmonella and Campylobacter could be transmitted by insect pests, rodents and contaminated semen, research at North Carolina State University has shown....





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