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Dietary Threonine Requirement of Pekin Ducks from 15 to 35 Days of Age
Depending on the method used, the threonine requirement of young male ducks was estimated in this work at Purdue University to range from a low of 0.62...
Effects of Feeding Different Postbiotic Metabolite Combinations on Egg Quality and Production Performance of Laying Hens
Post-biotic metabolite combinations can be used in the feed to increase productivity from hens without raising the risk of antibiotic resistance, according...
Researchers Find Potential Link Between Feeding DDGS and Necrotic Enteritis in Broilers
High levels of DDGS (15 per cent) were found in studies at Auburn University to amplify mild to moderate cases of necrotic enteritis into more severe cases....
Breeder Feeding Restriction Programme and Incubation Temperatures Affect Progeny Footpad Development
Research at North Carolina State University reveals that broiler breeder feeding programme and incubator temperature profile impact the structure of the...
Researchers Show Benefits of Zinc Supplementation in Broilers
Discoloration of the meat was not associated with dietary zinc or copper supplementation in two studies at North Carolina State University although male...
Estimating Crude Protein Variability and Savings of Broiler Feeds Using Microsoft Excel
Formulating poultry feeds using the two-bin method based on linear programming will greatly decrease variability in crude protein content. Rashed A. Alhotan...





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