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Feed Ingredients: Consideration of Alternatives When Facing Increased Price Volatility
With the aim to reduce feed price volatility for broilers and breeders, Aviagen's Global Nutrition Team offers a useful review covering corn (maize), sorghum,...
Effects of Dietary Omega-3:Omega-6 Fatty Acid Ratios on Reproduction in Young Roosters
Polyunsaturated fatty acids enhanced the reproductive performance of young male breeders in this experiment from China....
Attitudes and Perceptions of Family Farmers in Brazil on Problems of Raising Broilers
Farmers who raise chickens for meat using alternative systems - either antibiotic-free or on free range - usually rely on corn (maize) and soybean meal...
Effect of Coccidia Challenge and Natural Betaine Supplementation on Broiler Chickens Fed Suboptimal Level of Methionine
Dietary betaine supplementation helped alleviate the adverse effects of a coccidiosis challenge on nutrient digestibility and performance in young broiler...
Effects of Four Different Doses of E. coli Phytase on Femur Properties of 16-week-old Turkeys
Dietary supplementation with a phytase enzyme improved the geometric, densitometric and mechanical properties of the femur leg bone in turkeys in this...
Effects of Dietary Supplementation with Probiotic or Synbiotic on Broiler Haematology and Intestinal Integrity
Supplementation of probiotic and synbiotics had positive effects on the performance of broilers, thereby improving their haematological and intestinal...





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