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Windbreak Walls and Short Stacks to Control Odour and Dust: Do They Really Work?
Do windbreak walls really work and do they offer a solution to odours from poultry houses? Mark Dunlop and Geordie Galvin of the Rural Industries Research...
Dutch Solution for More Welfare-friendly Egg Production
A near-crisis in the egg industry in the Netherlands a decade ago sparked a whole new way of looking at egg production to address better the three Ps –...
Effect of Feeder Space During Growing and Laying Periods and Feeding Rate on Broiler Breeder Female Reproduction
A study at North Carolina State University has new light on the effects of feeder management during the rearing and laying phases on broiler breeder performance,...
Motor Size is Poor Indicator of Fan Power Usage
Purchasing an energy-efficient fan is actually quite simple, say Michael Czarick and John Worley, Extension Engineers at the University of Georgia. They...
Increasing Evaporative Cooling Pad Set Temperatures
In older broiler houses, many farmers would use the evaporative cooling systems at air temperatures of 80°F or lower but in modern tunnel-ventilated buildings...
Growth Performance of Fast-growing Broilers Reared under Different Types of Production Systems with Outdoor Access
Free-range broilers grew faster when housed in one fixed house than in small hoop houses, which became too hot in the summer in this study conducted in...





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