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Category: Housing and Equipment



Effect of Production System and Flock Age on Egg Quality and Bacterial Load
New research from Australia reveals that overall eggshell quality was better and there was less bacterial contamination on eggs from caged hens than those...
Determination of Space Use by Laying Hens
Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have assessed the amount of space a hen needs to carry out basic behaviour, including standing up,...
Effects of Welfare-enhancing System Changes on Environmental Impacts of Broiler and Egg Production
Welfare-friendly changes in chicken systems can be achieved without a compromise in their environmental impacts, according to a team of UK-based researchers....
Increasing Sidewall Height Does Not Significantly Increase Heating Costs
The cost of heating a poultry house is affected much more by the amount of insulation in the house than the height of the ceiling, explains Michael Czarick,...
Effects of Perch Access and Age on Physiological Measures of Stress in Caged White Leghorn Pullets
Age affected neuroendocrine homeostasis - an indicator of stress - in White Leghorn pullets but this measure was unaffected by access to perches during...
Aerial Dust Concentration in Different Facilities for Laying Hens
New research from France raises concerns about the levels of dust in floor and aviary housing systems for laying hens in terms of the health of farm workers....





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