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Innovation in Layer Housing: From Drawing Board to Reality
The Roundel laying hen house is an example of successful innovation in agriculture between researchers, farmers and the wider community. Jackie Linden...
Why Tunnel Fans with Butterfly Shutters May Not be a Good Investment
For decades, the “slant wall” fan was the preferred poultry house exhaust fan. Testing found that by simply moving a traditional exterior panel shutter...
Nighttime Air Quality in the Poultry House
It could cost thousands of dollars if producers do not pay sufficient attention to the air quality in broiler houses at night, warn Michael Czarick (Extension...
Welfare and Performance in Layers Following Temporary Exclusion from the Litter Area on Introduction to Layer Facility
Temporary exclusion from the litter area on introducing pullets to the laying facility had no adverse impacts on the welfare of the birds and even improved...
Effects of Housing System on the Costs of Commercial Egg Production
Recent research at the University of California-Davis shows that, compared to conventional battery cages, a dozen eggs cost 13 per cent more to produce...
New Chicks: What to Do Once They Arrive
Tips from a poultry expert with Purina Animal Nutrition for hobby flock owners on how to give their new chicks the best possible start in life....





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