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Comparison of Methods for the Detection of Salmonella in Poultry
Conventional methods as well as PCR were suitable for detection of Salmonella, according to a new study from the Free University of Berlin in Germany....
Poultry Mortality Disposal: Methods Following Catastrophic Loss
Preparing for a crisis is important to lessen the stress and confusion that can accompany disaster recovery. Dr Casey W. Ritz of the University of Georgia's...
Developing Tools to Fight Marek’s Disease
Scientists with the USDA Agricultural Research service (ARS) are developing new tests and vaccines that are making it easier to detect viruses in chickens...
Value of Poultry Litter in South Georgia
The University of Georgia's Claudia S. Dunkley and Dan L. Cunningham (both Extension Poultry Scientists at the Department of Poultry Science) and Glendon...
Infection Interactions in Ethiopian Village Chickens
Because a number of the poultry pathogens studied and their interactions may impact village chicken health and production, control of these infections...
Researchers Compare Effectiveness of Recombinant Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccines
Both vaccines tested in this US study provided better protection in SPF maternal antibody-free white leghorns than in maternal antibody-positive broilers;...





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