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Campylobacter Research Reveals Potential for Poultry Vaccine
Researchers at the USDA Richard B. Russell Agricultural Research Center have purified proteins from Campylobacter and tested them for their potential use...
Comparative Study of Levamisole and Dexamethasone on the Chicks Immunity after Inoculation with Newcastle Vaccine
This Iraqi study suggests that in-ovo injection of hatching eggs with levamisol numerically improved hatchability, livability and the response to Newcastle...
Poultry Water Line Sanitation
Never underestimate the importance of a clean, safe water supply to the health and performance of your flock, say Dr Tom Tabler (Extension Professor),...
GB Emerging Threats Report: Avian Diseases: January-March (Q1) 2014
Among the highlights included in this quarterly report are ongoing issues with reovirus-associated tenosynovitis in broilers and Marek’s disease in turkeys....
Treating Litter Between Batches of Broilers
An overview of research from Australia on the re-use of broiler litter, looking at heaping to kill potential pathogens and how to control ammonia levels...
Farm Risk Factors for Salmonella Contamination of Eggs
An Iowa State University study indicates that adherence to a Salmonella vaccination programme and the elimination of infected rodents are the most effective...





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