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How Zero-tolerance Biosecurity is Beating Bird Flu in the US
The United States has had a good deal of success in containing avian flu outbreaks in recent years – much of it down to a heightened vigilance and emphasis...
How Unregulated Use of Antibiotics is Undermining Poultry Success in India
Greater affluence across India is driving an unprecedented growth in demand for animal protein. A Nair investigates the role of antibiotics in this boom...
Mexico Fights Back After Bird Flu
Mexico’s poultry industry suffered a setback in 2012 with an outbreak of avian influenza that resulted in the loss of millions of birds, but since then...
Antibiotic-free Poultry Production
The use of sound management practices, appropriate dietary adjustments and good vaccines and vaccination practices could go a long way in reducing producers’...
Comparison of L-Methionine, DL-Methionine and Methionine Hydroxy Analogue in a High Ambient Temperature Environment
GLOBAL - The industrial application of synthetic sources of amino acids for animal feed has been occurring for over 50 years. Chemically synthesized DL-methionine,...
Five Steps to Making Biosecurity Work on Your Farm
In his presentation during the 2016 Midwest Poultry Federation Convention in St Paul, Minnesota, Dr Carey* focused on what we have learned from the recent...





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