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Low Temperature Performance of Disinfectants
Many disinfectants, which claim proper efficacy against many pathogens, are often tested at ideal circumstances, meaning room temperature (25 degrees C),...
Reducing the Threat of Salmonella and Campylobacter on the Processing Line
Pre-harvest interventions, adequate sanitary dressing procedures at slaughter, and adequate sanitary conditions during further processing are a part of...
Avian Influenza in the US: What Really Happened?
Dozens of recent news articles have reported on the facts, findings and frequent updates regarding the recent outbreaks of avian influenza in the United...
Best Practice in the Broiler House: Biosecurity
Biosecurity creates hygienic conditions within the poultry house to minimise the adverse effects of disease, optimise bird performance and welfare and...
Myths About Poultry House Disinfection Busted
With antibiotic resistance becoming a major concern across the world, farmers will become increasingly dependant on biosecurity and disinfection to prevent...
Broiler Production Research: Bacteria, Vaccinations and Water
Three investigations presented at the 2015 International Poultry Scientific Forum in Atlanta pointed out issues of farm bacteria, vaccination practices...





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