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GB Emerging Threats Report: Avian Diseases: October-December (Q4) 2014
Among the notable items in this report from the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) were outbreaks of H5N8 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Europe...
Avian Influenza Update and FAQ
An update on avian influenza and frequently asked questions (FAQs) answered by Brian Fairchild (Extension Poultry Scientist) and Brian Jordan (Assistance...
Development of Vaccine-induced Immunity against TRT in Turkeys
The frequency of turkey rhinotracheitis (TRT) outbreaks and/or failure of TRT vaccination could be correlated with differences in the immunological status...
Managing Coccidiosis in Broiler Breeders
The management of coccidiosis in broiler breeders is reviewed by Dr Hector Cervantes of Phibro Animal Health Corp....
Feed Mycotoxins Decrease Vaccine Efficacy
The use of effective mycotoxin control (TOXY-NIL Plus) offers an opportunity to modify significantly the broiler's response to vaccination and help to...
Evaluation of Coated Butyrate to Reduce Campylobacter Infection in Broilers
This experiment from Nutriad shows that supplementation of a diet with coated butyrate resulted in a statistically significant decrease in Campylobacter...





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