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NOW IN: UK and Ireland : Abattoirs and Meat processors

A J Leese Turkeys Ltd - Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
Attwell Farm - Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Buffalo Turbine LLC - NY/ERIE, United States
Carton Brothers Manor Farm - County Cavan, Ireland
Cherry Valley Farms - Lincolnshire, UK
Chesterfield Poultry Ltd - Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Church Farm - Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Clarke Meats - West Yorkshire, United Kingdom - buckingham, United Kingdom
DanTech UK Ltd - Lancashire, United Kingdom
Ensors Ltd. - Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
FAI Farms Ltd - , United Kingdom
Halal USA - Virginia, United States
Hawley Associates - West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Humane Slaughter Association - Hertfordshire, UK
ImageID - Israel, Israel
Interhatch - Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Iqbal Brother's Poultry Ltd - West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
LCB food safety - BOZ, France
M C Kelly Ltd - Devon, United Kingdom
Mahmood halal butchers - Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Malcolm Smith Power Cleaning - WILTSHIRE, United Kingdom
Mamfe Poultry Farmers Inc - NSW, Australia
MMC Group Brazil S.A. - CEP, Brazil
National Feed - Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Officine Facco & c SpA - Sant Martino, Italy
ovetti ventures - Uganda, Uganda
P.D.Drobex Sp. z.o.o - woj kujawsko pomorskie, Poland
Peter Winson Consulting - Armagh, United Kingdom
Phygen EMEA - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
PolySto - East Flanders, Belgium - South Africa, South Africa
Profit Trans Kft - Nyirpazony, Hungary
psdaima - delhi,india,, India
QYResearchGlobal - WA, United States
Red Rose Food Manufacturing Solutions LTD - Lancashire, United Kingdom
Ruskington Poultry - Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
saghar007 - pakistan, Pakistan
SERVO - Poland , Poland
Solar Power PV LTD - Whalley, United Kingdom
The Poultry Growth - Pakistan, Pakistan
The Poultry People Ltd - West Midlands, United Kingdom
TransNational Agri Projects bv - The Netherlands, Netherlands
USE Poultry Technology - , Netherlands
XimaX Water Solutions - Essex, United Kingdom

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