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NOW IN: UK and Ireland : Veterinary practices and Consultants

Agro Xpress(BD) Ltd - Dhaka. Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Animed Direct - Suffolk, United Kingdom
Ansari Enterprises - sindh, Pakistan
Apollo Surgical - Sialkot, Pakistan
AVX GmbH & Co. KG - Bremen, Germany
Biotech International - , United Kingdom
Corby Rock Eggs - Ireland, Ireland
Eurofins Laboratories Ltd - London, United Kingdom
Greenfield Naturals - Florida / Broward, United States
Horncastle Laboratories - Lincolnshire, UK
Jeff Webb Hatchery Consultant. - Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Keith Gooderham ? Vet - Huntingdon, UK
Monaghan Veterinary Laboratory - Co. Monaghan, Rep.of Ireland
MSD Agvet - Hertfordshire, UK
Natural Health Vet - Merseyside, United Kingdom
Poultry Health Services Ltd - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Provet Ltd - Derbyshire, UK
Retford Poultry Partnership Ltd - Nottinghamshire, UK
saghar007 - pakistan, Pakistan
Sandhill Veterinary Services - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Solar Power PV LTD - Whalley, United Kingdom
St David's Poultry Team Ltd - Devon, United Kingdom
Vetsonic (UK) Ltd - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
XimaX Water Solutions - Essex, United Kingdom

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