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Agro Xpress(BD) Ltd - Dhaka. Bangladesh, Bangladesh
AgroVet Europe Limited - Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Alexanders Animal Farm - Surrey, United Kingdom
Ansari Enterprises - sindh, Pakistan
Avimed - Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Babolna TETRA Kft - Hungary, Hungary - West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Bev's Rare Breed Poultry - Cheshire, United Kingdom - North Wales, United Kingdom
birchfield poultry - yorkshire, United Kingdom
Britannic Rare Breeds - Essex, United Kingdom
Broadway Bantams - Worcs, United Kingdom
Buffalo Turbine LLC - NY/ERIE, United States
C & G Farming (N.E.) Ltd. - Northumberland, United Kingdom
Cambridge Poultry - Cambridge, United Kingdom
Carton Brothers Manor Farm - County Cavan, Ireland
Chartley Chucks - Chicken Breeders - staffordshire, United Kingdom
Cherry Valley Farms - Lincolnshire, UK
Chicken House poultry - Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Chicken House Poultry - Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Chickened Out NI - Co Armagh, United Kingdom
Chippindale Foods Ltd - Yorkshire, UK
CockerDoodleQuack - Kent, United Kingdom
Corby Rock Eggs - Ireland, Ireland
Cornwall Turkeys - Cornwall, United Kingdom
Durham Hen Poultry Supplies - Co. Durham, United Kingdom
Durham Hens - Co. Durham, United Kingdom
FAI Farms Ltd - , United Kingdom
Fancy Bantams - Kent, United Kingdom
Fosters Poultry - Gloucester, United Kingdom
Golden Valley Poultry - Surrey UK, United Kingdom
Goodmans Geese - Worcester, UK
Grimaud Freres SA - 49450 Roussay, France
Guinea Fowl - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Hardwick Farms - Suffolk, UK
Heart of England Farms - Warwickshire, UK
Heidemark Turkey Specialities - Kilmacolm, Scotland
Hendra Farm - Cornwall, United Kingdom
Hibreeds International - Norfolk, UK
Highline Turkeys - Shropshire, UK
Hollydene Hens - Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Humphrey Feeds - Hampshire, UK
Hy-Fly Game Hatcheries - Lancashire, UK
Hy-Line International - IO, United States
Hy-Line Ireland - Co Cork, Rep.of Ireland
Hy-Line UK Ltd - Warwickshire, UK
Interhatch - Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Joice & Hill Poultry Ltd - Peterborough#, UK
Kippax Farms - Lancashire, United Kingdom
LCB food safety - BOZ, France
Lohia chickens - India , India
LPH Poultry - west sussex, United Kingdom
M.R.Poultry - Bristol, United Kingdom
May Field Poultry - Kent, United Kingdom
Meadow Game - Leicestershire, UK
Meadow View Quail - Shropshire, UK
Meyhen M.G.H. - NJ, USA
Moon Ridge Farm - Devon, United Kingdom
Northmoor Rare Breeds - South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Officine Facco & c SpA - Sant Martino, Italy
ovetti ventures - Uganda, Uganda
Oxford Poultry - Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Padley's - Lincolnshire, UK
Pekin Bantams - Warks, United Kingdom
Pencwarre Poultry - Ceredigion, United Kingdom
Pilling Poultry - Lancs, United Kingdom
Poultry Paddock - Staffordshire, United Kingdom - South Africa, South Africa
Profit Trans Kft - Nyirpazony, Hungary
QYResearchGlobal - WA, United States
Ramsley Orpingtons - Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Redcomb Genetics Ltd - Waikato, New Zealand
Regency Poultry - Leicester, United Kingdom
saghar007 - pakistan, Pakistan
Shropshire Pig and Poultry Centre - Shropshire, United Kingdom
shropshire pig and poultry centre - Shropshire, United Kingdom
Solar Power PV LTD - Whalley, United Kingdom
Staffordshire Chickens - Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Taylor Made. Poultry - Devon, United Kingdom
Terry's Hatchery - tyne and wear, United Kingdom
Volito BV - Veenendaal, Netherlands
Wellington Meadows Country Produce - Berkshire, United Kingdom
West Kidland Farm - Devon, United Kingdom
XimaX Water Solutions - Essex, United Kingdom

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