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Aviagen Limitd - , United Kingdom
A&J Farms Domani Ranch - New York, USA
A&J Farms Poultry Hatcery - New York, USA, United States
Agro Xpress(BD) Ltd - Dhaka. Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Ansu Pramag Farms - Ghana, Ghana
Aviagen Group - AL, USA
Aviagen Group - AL, USA
Babolna TETRA Kft - Hungary, Hungary
Buffalo Turbine LLC - NY/ERIE, United States
Cackle Hatchery - MO, United States
Caicos Farms - Turks & Caicos Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands
Catdance Silkies - Washington, United States
Custom Incubators - oklahoma, United States
DBA Guillary Ventures - LA , United States - CO , United States
FAI Farms Ltd - , United Kingdom
FlexTran, Inc. - MO, United States
Flying Wild Quail Farm - NC/Moore, United States
Gregg L. Friedman MD Farms - Florida / Broward, United States
Grimaud Freres SA - 49450 Roussay, France
Hy-Line International - IO, United States
Hybrid Turkeys Inc. - Ontario, Canada
Interhatch - Derbyshire, United Kingdom
LCB food safety - BOZ, France
Lohia chickens - India , India
Maple Leaf Farms - IN, United States
Metzer Farms Inc - CA, USA
Meyhen M.G.H. - NJ, USA
MM Livestock Co - Calif, United States
National Poultry Registry - IN , United States
Officine Facco & c SpA - Sant Martino, Italy
Peeperz Poultry - FLORIDA MARIION, United States
Pennovo, Inc. - Ephrata, United States - South Africa, South Africa
Productos AvĂ­colas del Caribe - Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
QYResearchGlobal - WA, United States
Redcomb Genetics Ltd - Waikato, New Zealand
S & G Poultry - GA, United States
saghar007 - pakistan, Pakistan
Shook Poultry - NC , United States
Vetagri Consulting Inc. - Ontario, Canada
Volito BV - Veenendaal, Netherlands

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