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Hubbard LLC (Americas)
195 Main Street
P.O Box 415


Tel: +1 603.756.3311
Fax: +1 603.756.9034

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Hubbard Breeders - Less Feed More Meat Feed cost represents over 70% of live production cost of a broiler, the highest levels in history.

Hubbard offers the best products to save feed costs on breeder and broiler level:
  • The “Feedsaver” concept of the JV and F15 breeders saves about 15% of feed to produce a broiler day-old-chick compared to conventional breeders.
  • All Hubbard broilers have an excellent FCR compared to other breeds.
Just use less kg of feed to produce 1 kg of live broiler, 1 kg of carcass or 1 kg of total meat!

Hubbard celebrates its 90th anniversary

From the small flock of chickens with which Ira and Oliver Hubbard began the business in 1921, Hubbard has grown to one of the major international broiler breeding companies in the world. The poultry industry has seen remarkable changes during the past 90 years, with dramatic results for the benefit of humankind. Hubbard has played, and will continue to play, an important and vital role in this great industry

Oliver Hubbard's graduation from the New Hampshire Agriculture College in 1921 can be seen as the beginning of Hubbard in the commercial poultry business. From 1921 up to the acquisition by Merck in 1974, Hubbard has always been a family company. In 1997 Hubbard merged with the ISA-group from France, purely focusing on broiler breeding as from 2003. Since the French company Groupe Grimaud took over Hubbard from Merial in 2005 Hubbard is again part of a family company, which is the 2nd largest multi-species animal breeding company in the world, with a clear focus on the further development of Hubbard's business in the broiler industry around the world.

Hubbard provides solutions that focus on the economic performance, health and well-being of breeding stock. Hubbard specializes in state-of-the-art selection programs to improve the performance of their pure lines. It is essential to Hubbard to preserve a large gene pool offering more flexibility for innovative solutions to an industry facing more and more constraints being imposed to them:
  • increased feed prices,
  • animal welfare regulations,
  • increased segmentation of the markets,
  • and in some countries a reduction/shortage in production surface.
Hubbard operates its selection programs in 3 different R&D centres in North America and Europe, along with its own production sites in North America, Europe and Brazil. Hubbard has a longstanding experience in breeding, developing and marketing breeding stock for both conventional and alternative markets.

Presence in nearly 100 countries around the world and the support of dedicated teams involved in R&D, Production, Technical Service and Sales & Marketing assure the continuity to deliver quality products that are best suited to the different broiler markets throughout the world.

Hubbard is a company of Groupe Grimaud.


Hubbard offer a range of products to suit every need around the globe.

Below is an overview of the Hubbard product range. At this moment all information is available in the English and French languages, but other languages will follow. For more information on the specific products simply click the link associated with your language preference. Feel free to contact your regional representative for more details.

Alternatively, please explore the Hubbard Web site, and discover the best products for the success of your operation.

Classic - Click language links For the markets requiring the highest output of saleable chicks combined with fast early broiler growth.
Hubbard Classic English Français Español
Hubbard JV English Français Español
Weight Range

1.2 kg - 2.4 kg

Flex - Click language links For the markets requiring lowest live cost (chicks, FCR, liveability) with good conformation and the flexibility to be used for a wide range of bodyweights.
Hubbard Flex English Français Español
Hubbard Flex F15 English Français Español
Weight Range

1.4 kg - 2.7 kg

Yield - Click flags for more detail For the markets requiring the highest output of total de-boned meat.
Hubbard H1 English Français Español
Weight Range

2.7 kg - 4.0 kg

Color - Click flags for more detail For the « Label », « Certified » and « intermediate » markets, including the 81-day and 56-day markets.
Slow Growth English Français Español
Differentiated Growth English Français Español
Guinea Fowl English Français Español

Male - Click flags for more detail For markets of Classic, Flex and Yield either genetically yellow or white skin and legs. The Hubbard males are genetically designed to produce broiler progeny with rapid growth, efficient feed conversion, excellent livibility and competitive meat yield.
Hubbard Males English Français Español

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