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the modern poultry systems for barn egg production and free range egg production. With the four different models NATURA-Step, NATURA-Colony, NATURA-Nova Twin and NATURA-Nova we have the appropriate solution for every poultry house, whilst also facilitating economical and simultaneously animal and user-friendly egg production.
NATURA-Step – for easy movement of hens between levels

NATURA-Step differs from other systems presented because of its nest arrangement. This system can be installed in individual rows, as the hens can easily move between the levels, especially the integrated nest level, due to the step design.

The system has 4 feed lines (2 on each level) and a nipple drinker line directly in front of the nest thus ensuring an even distribution of birds within the system. Due to the flexibility of nests and passages the system can be designed specifically to meet your requirements plus the passages can be positioned to enhance bird movement.

NATURA-Step is characterised by a large useful area with easy access for man and birds within the system.

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