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Groupe Grimaud La Corbière - Our Mission


From avian stem Cells to the chicks…


"Our mission is the development of high value activities upstream within the avian and health industries, worldwide."

Our businesses:
  • 1 - The Core business,
    Genetic selection and marketing of high quality avian and rabbit breeders : chickens, ducks, guinea fowls, pigeons, rabbits;

  • 2 - Upstream of the core business,
    -Biotechnologies at the service of health industry : development of « Ebx » Avian Stem cells lines for vaccines and pharmaceutical recombinant proteins production,
    - Autogenous vaccines for poultry, pork and fish,
    - New technological applications in avian genetic selection…

  • 3 - Downstream of the core business,
    Multiplication, hatching and sales of commercial day-old ducklings.

  • Our facilities:
  • Headquarters in Roussay (France), close to Nantes,
  • 8 subsidiaries in France,
  • 1 subsidiary in Italy,
  • 1 subsidiary in Poland,
  • 2 subsidiaries in the USA,
  • 2 subsidiaries in China, (Sichuan et Fuzhian),
  • 1 subsidiary in Thailand,
  • 1 subsidiary in Malaysia,
  • Subcontractors in Hungary, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Lybia, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, Russia, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Brazil …
  • + sales offices in Holland, Spain, Central Europe, Thailand, China, Brazil.





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