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Whether negative pressure, positive pressure, or equal pressure ventilation is required, to ensure an optimum fresh air supply into the poultry house, Big Dutchman offers a wide product range of different air supply systems: wall or ceiling inlets, fresh air chimneys FAC or Fumus, Baffle or Splitbaffle.
Fresh air supply systems – we have the best solution for every type of poultry house

To ensure the best possible fresh air supply for your poultry house, Big Dutchman provides a wide range of different air supply systems.

Depending on the structural conditions of the house and your ventilation requirements – negative pressure, positive pressure or equal pressure ventilation – the following systems can be used:

  • wall or ceiling inlets
  • fresh air supply chimneys FAC and Fumus
  • baffle and split baffle
  • large air inlets for longitudinal ventilation

Let our experts advise you to find the perfect solution for your poultry production.

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