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The automatic chain feeding system is a proven and reliable poultry feeding system for layer breeders. Its main parts are hopper, drive unit, trough with grill, corner, Autolimit feed scale and the original CHAMPION chain. The high chain speed (36 m/min) is the base for successful restricted feeding in breeder management.
Automatic chain feeding for rearing and management of broiler and layer breeders, for layers in floor management and for rearing pullets and broilers – a reliable feeding system for over 60 years

In the poultry industry, a new era dawned in 1938 when Big Dutchman introduced the world's first automated chain feeding system.

Thanks to its robust and simple principle, this feed - ing system has proved itself a million times over.

The basic concept – hopper, drive unit, trough, corner and the Big Dutchman CHAMPION feed chain – has remained unchanged. The entire system, how ever, has been continuously improved and adapted to today's requirements for modern poultry management.

Big Dutchman developed the ideal fast feeding system for restricted broiler breeder feeding by increasing the conveying speed to 36 m/ min.

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