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the modern poultry systems for barn egg production and free range egg production. With the four different models NATURA-Colony, NATURA-Step, NATURA-Nova Twin and NATURA-Nova we have the appropriate solution for every poultry house, whilst also facilitating economical and simultaneously animal and user-friendly egg production.
NATURA-Colony – high efficiency, demanding management

Under the name NATURA-Colony we offer our customers aviary systems characterised by a good cost-performance ratio due to high stocking densities.

In contrast to NATURA-Step the upper and the lower manure belt levels have the same width. Thus changing between levels should be facilitated by additional approach aids. The system cannot be installed as a single row.

As is the case with the NATURA-Step it is possible to install passages instead of nests in order to facilitate easier movement between levels and reaching the integrated nest level.

It is important for successful management and a minimum number of mislaid eggs that the farmer complies with the management recommendations plus has a certain degree of experience with aviary management.

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