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Are you interested in alternative egg production? We offer an extensive product range which includes feeding and drinking systems and the right laying nest, as well as manure removal solutions in form of manure pit systems, fully slatted and NATURA manure belt installations. For small and large operations including barn egg production, free-range production and organic egg production.
Egg production in modern poultry systems: NATURA & Manure pit systems

Alternative layer management includes barn egg production, free-range production and organic egg production. According to the EU-Directive 1999/74 of 19 July 1999, barn egg production has to comply with the following standards:

  • 250 cm2 of littered area per hen, the littered area has to be a minimum of one third of the floor surface area;
  • 9 hens/m2 usable area, of at least 30 cm width, floor slope must not exceed 14 % or 8° and headroom must be at least 45 cm;
  • 120 hens/m2 group laying nest or 7 hens/single nest;
  • 15 cm perch/hen – perches must not be installed above the littered area, the horizontal distance between the perches has to be at least 30 cm, horizontal distance between perch and wall at least 20 cm;
  • 10 cm of linear feeders/hen;
  • 10 hens/drinking nipple.

Free-range production must additionally comply with the following standards:

  • the pop holes have to be at least 35 cm high and 40 cm wide; 200 cm of total opening width for every 1000 hens;
  • shelter in the free-range area. Additional standards for the production, processing and marketing of organic eggs are established in the EU-Ecoregulation.

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