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StuffNix is a dust filter designed by Big Dutchman for use in poultry houses with high dust loads.
StuffNix - an efficient and cost-effective dust filter

It consists of a screen containing a folded plastic element that forces air suddenly to change direction. By means of this simple but effective mechanical principle of centrifugal force, the dust particles are separated from the airflow. They congregate in the Vshaped chambers outside of the airflow. In this way the cleaned air route stays free, even though the filter fills up with dust particles.

Detailed measurements have determined a total dust recovery of 70 %.


  • high storage ability due to the V-shaped chambers outside the airflow;
  • stable flow resistance, as the airflow route stays free;
  • high stability of shape of the filter walls due to the geometrical structure;
  • long service life of filter walls since they consist of plastic material;
  • fast assembly by drawing the filter elements up to the required working size and attaching them;
  • StuffNix is a dry filter – the use of water is not necessary;
  • significantly reduced capital, operating and maintenance costs compared to a wet exhaust air treatment system.

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