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The modern poultry systems for barn egg production and free range egg production. With the four different models NATURA-Nova, NATURA-Nova Twin, NATURA-Step and NATURA-Colony we have the appropriate solution for every poultry house, whilst also facilitating economical and simultaneously animal and user-friendly egg production.

With portal frame for house widths of more than 12 m

NATURA-Nova Twin consists of two rows of NATURA-Nova type 260 and portal frame. This means that all the advantages of NATURA-Nova aviaries also apply to this system. This include:

  • The Colony 2+ nest offers the hens sufficient space for laying eggs;
  • Mislaid eggs within the system can roll under the approach profile due to the slight fall on the floor –> in this position they are safe clean and away from the birds until they are easily collected;
  • Nipple drinkers close to the nest increase nest usage –> very few mislaid eggs;
  • Big Dutchman designed and patented approach profile (patent 299 19 443.4) in either galvanised or stainless steel ensures that the hens perch facing into the aisle –> reduces manure in the litter at the edge of the system;
  • An air duct (optional) increases the DM of the manure up to 60 % –> reduces ammonia in the house.

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