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The modular climate and production computer for an optimal climate and more efficiency in your poultry house. The easy-to-operate Viper registers all important data concerning poultry production, growth, feed and water consumption, mortality and climate for better production performance and a higher yield

Viper – the modular climate and production computer for an optimal climate and more efficiency in your poultry house, whether it be layers, broilers or pullet rearing

Viper's climate control features include:

  • connection of up to 8 temperature sensors;
  • regulation of up to 6 room heaters;
  • frost protection and inactive zone heating, i.e. if only one half of the house is to be heated, different brooding zones can be established, that means only one part of the house is heated whereas the temperature in the other half is kept at the frost protection level;
  • control for up to 4 brooding zones (gas radiator);
  • controls up to 16 MultiStep® groups (8 groups in side mode and 8 in tunnel mode);
  • fan stage control (16 stages in side mode and 16 stages in tunnel mode);
  • minimum ventilation in pulse-pause mode (optional);
  • tunnel ventilation control, i.e. tunnel inlets are opened or closed corresponding to the required air speed;
  • night set-back, temperature regulation at night for a certain period of time, subsequently, Viper switches back to normal control;
  • cooling and humidification;
  • temperature-controlled emergency opening function with MC 278 T- or MC 278 CT emergency opening;
  • connection of a CO2 sensor to actively regulate the minimum ventilation as a function of the CO2 content of the house air;
  • connection of additional sensors, for example for NH3 or air speed control;
  • active ventilating pressure control (optional); that is negative pressure sensors measure the pressure outside the house and the negative pressure inside the house and Viper controls the air supply based on these values;
  • trend curves are displayed on the large LCD

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