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broil•er - a chicken that is between 1-8 weeks old cultivated for meat in a controlled environment suitable for optimum output.

From Day One Cablevey feeding systems and pans are designed for you to optimize your broiler production:

  • Even feed ingredient distribution
  • With a charged feed line - there's feed in every pan when the system starts
  • Elimination of migration

"I grow broilers for Tyson, and I have had may Cablevey system for 16 years. I have 4 lines per house and have never had to replace cable and use 43mm flat pans. I have been in other farms that don't have Cablevey systems, and I think Cablevey is much better for young chicks. My birds don't migrate at any age like other houses. For the last few years I have had 40 day birds that have weighed an average of 4.10 lbs and now Tyson are wanting smaller birds, which will be 35 day birds. Love Cablevey!"

Tim Clark of Pinnola, MS on 7-11-08
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