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Farm Support

Every CEVA customer has a dedicated contact who is always available to support their operation, in order to assure optimal use of our products, and help achieve performance goals. Our team can provide assistance with:

In-field audits and investigations: CEVA offers audit services to identify routine husbandry procedures and help producers comply with modern QA programs for food safety, animal health and welfare. We can make recommendations on the most beneficial new health programs. In addition, we offer third-party audit services when they are needed.

Epidemiology surveys: CEVA laboratory service teams can help track the spread of avian diseases and strains, help producers anticipate emerging problems and prevent potential economic loss.

Farm Equipment

Layer and Breeder Injections

Automatic IM Injector

The Automatic IM Injector manufactured by Desvac is an automatic machine for a precise intra-muscular breast injection of inactivated vaccines in layers and breeders (e.g.: CEVAC ® CORYMUNE 4K, CEVAC ® CORYMUNE 7K).

The machine can do single or double injections and can be used for birds from 12-19 weeks of age. The specially designed mould contains 3 detection points that must be activated in order to trigger the injection. This ensures good positioning of the birds and guarantees the correct site of injection. Furthermore, it reduces significantly the risk of accidental injection to vaccination crews.

Vaccination speed is in the range of 700-1000 birds per hour and depends mainly on the organisation of bird presentation. Both injection lines (double injection possible) are individually controlled and therefore two vaccines with different adjuvant viscosity or dose can be used.

For further information about equipment :


For Spray vaccination in the field it is preferable to use a sprayer working under constant pressure. In some regions CEVA Sante Animale provides you specifically dedicated equipment for this purpose such as:

Desvac Kit

Desvac Kit is a knapsack sprayer for coarse spray (big droplets) vaccination of poultry manufacturated by Desvac SARL France. The sprayer is generally used for spray vaccination of poultry against respiratory diseases as Newcastle and Bronchitis (e.g.: CEVAC ® VITABRON, CEVAC ® VITAPEST).

For an effective spray vaccination the size of the droplets must be controlled. For this purpose the spray pressure is controlled and the sprayer uses calibrated nozzles.

Desvac KIT exists in three versions :
  • Desvac Kit 1 has a capacity of 15 litres and the pump system is placed on the outside of the tank (good for hygiene reasons and easy for maintenance). Spray pressure is obtained quickly but you must pump regularly while spraying to maintain this pressure. To control the pressure you can use the pressure regulator with a manometer.
  • Desvac Kit 2 has a capacity of 7 litres. Spray pressure is accumulated in the tank and the maximum tank pressure is 4 bars (57 PSI). To control the spray pressure you can use the pressure regulator with a manometer.
  • Desvac Kit 3 is the smallest knapsack sprayer recommended for use in smaller farms (up to 5000 birds). It has a capacity of 5 litres. To control the spray pressure the sprayer comes with a pre-set pressure valve and the spray pressure is fixed at 2 bars (28 PSI) until 4bars (57 PSI). If the pressure drops below 1.5 bars (21 PSI) the equipment will automatically stop spraying.
To change the droplet size always ask advice your Ceva contact concerning the droplet size to be used in your particular situation.

Desvac Spray Fan

The Desvac Spray Fan manufacturated by Desvac is an air-assisted hand-held spinning disc sprayer. Using the Controlled Droplet Application technique (CDA) it generates homogeneous droplets of approximately 70 microns. This is considered as a fine spray. It is not really recommended for priming vaccinations but mainly used for repeat vaccinations against respiratory diseases. The droplets are generated by a spinning disc. A fan placed just behind this disc pushes the droplets towards the birds. The Spray Fan can push droplets up to 5 meters far.

The capacity of the tank is 1 litre which corresponds to 10 minutes of vaccination. With the Desvac Spray Fan you can vaccinate approximately 20.000 birds in half an hour. It is possible to change the flow rate. However, this will not significantly change the droplet size. The spray fan comes with a battery and a charger. A battery in good condition can be used one and a half hour before recharging is needed.

Atomist 1026

The atomist 1026 manufacturated by Desvac is an electric atomiser that produces a very fine spray (aerosol). The average droplet size can be set from 20 - 50 microns according to the machine's settings.

The atomist is used with good results in repeat Newcastle vaccinations in some particulars cases. The capacity of the tank is 7.6 litres (2 gallons).

Always ask advice your Ceva contact concerning the most adapted equipment to be used in your particular situation.

Drinking Water


With CEVAMUNE as a vaccine protector and blue tracer for drinking water vaccines you ensure an optimal immunity and uniform protection.

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Product indications, usage instructions & withdrawal periods may vary by Country.
Always follow label instructions and consult your veteriarian or poultry health adviser.

This page contains information on veterinary pharmaceutical and biological products that are sold in several different countries and areas where they may be marketed under different trade names and pursuant to different regulatory approvals. Accordingly, ThePoultrySite and CEVA SANTE ANIMALE give no guarantee that the details presented are correct with respect to all locations.

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