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ChickMaster Hatchery in Harmony

Hatchery in Harmony

Single-Stage Incubation

Avida Symphony Setter

With over 20 new features, the Avida Symphony is designed to maximize airflow in order to perfectly control the incubation process and optimize hatchability. Discover why the Avida Symphony is the ideal investment and best performing incubation system on the market.

Avida Symphony Setter

Operational and structural improvements include:

  • Integrated central panel with interactive visual display
  • New cooling coil design
  • New trolley design with an all-aluminum frame and improved corrosion resistance

New Rock Control:

  • Our best incubation control ever
  • Rock measures the temperature of the egg mass and then maintains a consistent differential between the setter and hatcher operating temperatures and that of the eggs
  • Self-adjusting variable frequency drives on the fans
  • Modulating cooling valves that open to get just the right cooling when needed
  • Bigger color screen with touch and slide features
  • Plus more! Click here for more details
New Rock Control

Avida Setters

ChickMaster’s Avida Setters are the leader in high-quality chicks, reliability, biosecurity and ease of operation for chicken, duck and turkey production.

Avida Symphony Setter
  • Uniform airflow delivers consistent temperatures, perfectly controlling the incubation process
  • True modular design with individual zone control optimizes hatchability
  • Fan motors with variable frequency drives (VFD) enables fan speed control and bi-directional rotation for consistent internal environment
  • Equipped double seal on doors, molded dampers and dual use temperature coils for heating and cooling for energy efficiency
  • Genesis IV control provides access to any feature of the setter through the intuitive touch screen
  • Low maintenance design with very few moving parts reduces production costs

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Avida Hatchers

The Avida Hatcher, designed to complement the Avida Setter, features the same airflow pattern that maximizes cooling and chick comfort, in order to completely manage the dynamic hatch cycle.

Avida Hatchers
  • Uniform airflow allows the hatch to progress naturally with a narrow hatch window
  • High cooling capacity keeps chicks cool and comfortable
  • True modular design with individual zone control optimizes hatchability
  • Equipped double seal on doors, molded dampers and dual use temperature coils for heating and cooling for energy efficiency
  • Choice of single or two-zone system to accommodate any production requirement
  • Equipped with Break Glass security feature that gives valuable time to the personnel to respond in case of alarm

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Avida Vaccine Units

Flu vaccines are typically manufactured with the use of poultry eggs, a process requiring a very precise, controlled environment. ChickMaster answers these requirements with the Avida AVU, a vaccination application of our Avida single-stage setter. The Avida AVU yields safe, reliable results for the vaccine production industry.

Encore System

Dedicated Egg Warming and Cooling Chamber

  • System dedicated egg warming and cooling chamber
  • Introduce the SPIDES process to your hatchery: Short Periods of Incubation During Egg Storage
  • Built on the Avida line’s superior airflow
  • Powered by CC3 Climate Control System
  • Managed by Zeus Controller

Download the Encore brochure

Avida Incubation Line Brochure

Avida Incubation Line Brochure

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NEW Avida Symphony Setter Brochure

NEW Avida Symphony Setter Brochure

Open the brochure in PDF format


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