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ChickMaster Hatchery in Harmony

Hatchery in Harmony

Pre-Packaged Upgrade Kits

Maestro Hatchery Management System

ChickMaster offers a variety of Pre-Packaged Upgrade Kits designed to improve the performance, hatchability and chick quality of your existing incubation systems. These kits also reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs for lower production costs.

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Incubation Controls

GeMeric 2™ Control Upgrade:

  • Convert your thermostat based control into a probe-based system without the expense of replacing your existing control unit
  • A cost effective alternative designed for use with virtually any make of setter or hatcher
  • Available as an upgrade for Genesis III controls in Classic Setters and VF/CVH Hatchers

Genesis IV Control:

  • A PLC and true PID algorithms power the most advanced incubation control in the market
  • It features a color touch-screen interface for intuitive, easy control

Genesis M (GeM) Control:

  • Designed for Multi-Stage Classic Setters and related hatchers, the GeM control is a user-friendly, economical control option
Genesis M (GeM) Control

Incubation Controls

‘Beat’ On-Trolley Actuator Upgrade Kit:
The Beat is a new long-life rotary actuator manufactured to ChickMaster specification to replace your existing on-trolley units

Cooling Coil Upgrade Kit:
Improve cooling on SL150 Hatchers by adding newly designed corrugated copper coils

2 Zone (Split) Cooling Upgrade Kit:
Install two highly efficient copper cooling coils to create individually controlled sections that result in better hatchability and significant energy savings

Exhaust Upgrade Kit:
Revitalize older setter to the latest ChickMaster design specification for improved performance and profitability

Ventilation Upgrade Kit (with Vosterman’s Fan Boards and Fans):
Improve your airflow, energy consumption, biosecurity and maintenance by removing copper ducts and wooden fan boards

Ventilation Upgrade Kit (without Fan Boards):
Enhance your current ChickMaster setter with the latest technology in humidity and heating plus remove existing copper ducts for optimal setter hygiene, airflow, and performance

CVH Fan Frame Upgrade Kit:
Increases airflow through hatcher baskets and creates more efficient water cooling, while eliminating chick down build-up on copper coils and maximizing chick comfort for an optimal hatch

Plastic Fan Board (for Classic Setters):
Replace outdated wooden fan boards with bio-secure plastic fan boards

Belimo Damper Kit:
Provides enhanced control over setter airflow and humidity and offers an excellent combination with the GeMeric 2.

Belimo Damper Kit
Classic Setter Brochure

Classic Setter Brochure

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