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The usually rich pigmentation of egg yolk and poultry skin is a natural phenomenon and a sign that the bird was in good health. The colour comes from carotenoids, a group of natural pigments, in the birds' diet. Carotenoids are vital nutrients for many species, including humans. Poultry need carotenoids for healthy growth, metabolism and reproduction, but cannot produce them in the body. Wild birds can select the best sources to cover their needs. Farm animals depend on the feed provided and it has become common practice in the poultry sector to add pure carotenoids to the feed.

Why CAROPHYLL® products?
Identical to natural carotenoids, the DSM products marketed under the name CAROPHYLL® contain best carotenoids fully safe for humans and animals. CAROPHYLL® Red 10% (canthaxanthin) and CAROPHYLL® Yellow 10% (apo-ester) are best of class products with respect to pigmenting quality and performance which contain a top-of-the-range and innovative patent-protected animal protein free formulation. Guaranteeing safety and traceability in the food chain, the CAROPHYLL® used in the premixtures and feed ensures an effective and homogeneous pigmentation. This guarantee is possible thanks to the DSM protocol of manufacture represented by our Quality for LifeTM seal resting on four principles: Quality, Traceability, Reliability, Sustainability.

To know more about DSM Carotenoids (CAROPHYLL®) or the quality way they are produced please click the following link:

DSM carotenoids

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