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Eubiotics are natural digestive stimulants for animal production: the term comes from the Greek Eubiosis, which refers to a healthy balance of micro-flora in the gastrointestinal tract. Feed additives such as probiotics, prebiotics, essential oils and organic acids are often referred to as eubiotics.

Essential oils are concentrated liquids containing volatile aromatic compound extracts from plants. In animal nutrition, pioneers have first investigated the possible applications for essential oils or plant extracts.

In 1980, CRINA® (Centre de Recherches International de Nutrition et Alimentation), then a private research centre for animal nutrition, recognised the significant role that essential oils could play as digestive stimulants in livestock production. Following extensive research, a range of precisely formulated and consistent blends of essential oil compounds, marketed under the CRINA ® trademark, was developed: CRINA® Poultry, CRINA® Poultry Plus To know more about DSM essential oils or the quality way they are produced please click the following link:

DSM Essential Oils

The most common definition of probiotics is stating that probiotics are live micro-organisms that have a positive effect on the host by improving the balance of pathogenic to beneficial bacteria in the gut. The benefits of probiotics are based on two main functions, stimulating the growth of beneficial microflora and suppressing the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Where a higher number of beneficial bacteria are present they are more likely to out-compete the pathogens for both nutrients and adhesion sites on the gut wall, a process known as competitive exclusion. Beneficial bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, are also known to release short chain fatty acids, becteriocins and hydrogen peroxide, which have antagonistic effects on pathogenic bacteria.

One of the most remarkable probiotics is the lactic acid producing strain Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415. This probiotic is marketed by DSM Nutritional Products under the brand name CYLACTIN® . Through rapid metabolic activity in the intestine it has shown in a series of trials that it acts as a stabilizer of gut micro-flora and limits the growth of pathogens especially in the first days of an animal’s life. Systematic stabilization of gut flora helps to prevent stress-related disorders. Overall research with CYLACTIN® proved:
  • An increase in growth rate
  • a reduction of mortality in calves, piglets and broilers.
If you want to know more about DSM probiotics - CYLACTIN® - or the quality way they are produced please click the following link:

DSM Probiotics

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